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“Well, how are we doing today? Have you had a hard day and are now feeling a bit exhausted?”

[ˈklʊp ˌmaːtə] Just say it, loud and clear: “Club-Mate, please” - it helps!
Club-Mate is refreshing as well as stimulating without getting you excited. Club Mate is made out of Mate - a jungle plant from South America that has been growing for centuries. With its unique combination of active ingredients, its effect is still amazing today.

It is the exclusive drink based on yerba mate. It tastes great, somewhat different and refreshing. It tastes just like a softdrink, just not as sweet. It has the unique combination of caffein and tanning agents that has a stimulating effect without getting you excited.

Club Mate combines all the markets demands: it is a tasty thirst-quencher, digestible, vitalizing and regenerating.

— Matedrink & Friends

Mate Facts


Frau trinkt Kaffee
Ein Stück Torte

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Our Mates

Mate Orginal Klein

Club Mate Orginal 0,33l

Mate Orginal

Club-Mate Orginal 0,5l

Mate Granat

Club-Mate Granat 0,5l


Club-Mate ICE-T 0,5l


Club-Mate-Cola 0,33l

Mate Winter

Club-Mate Winter-Edition


Lapacho *Neu

Mate as medicinal plant

As Mate-Tea is known as the popular national drink throughout many parts of South America, the people there are convinced that the plant has many more to offer. So it really is no surprise that Mate is known, even in Europe, as the "Green Gold of the Indios", a natural remedy and magic potion and foremost a fat burner that helps loosing weight in a natural way and quenches thrist and hunger. In South America, Mate is prepared as follows:

No longer boiling water, in the same amount as the mate leaves that are placed in a hollowed pumpkin, is poured over the leaves. The drink is slurped through a silver suction pipe, while more water is continuasly added to the pumpkin, and if it helps the body, it is twice as valuable. In every bottle of Club-Mate, there is a full teaspoon full of yerba mate tea, which is why Club-Mate is a taste explosion in your mouth and a longing of your body.

Mate gets involved...

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Mate Forest Garden

Club-Mate supports the Mate Forest Garden. Find out more.

This is Mate

The mate shrub is a plant that is related to holly.

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